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Enabling Technology for Digital Signage

Talk to us about your digital signage project. We will make sensible suggestions and help you attain your digital signage solution.

Track record in Digital Signage technology since 2004

Digital signage solutions for Corporate, Leisure, Education, Banking and Retail

Customers and partners in UK and Ireland

Strong supply chain partnerships

Ongoing commitment to product support

Pioneering Digital Media
Radiant Ireland provides enabling technology for digital signage systems.
We provide digital signage solutions for  owner /operators and service providers.

Enterprise Software for Digital Signage Service Providers

Leverage our expertise in high brightness

LCD and LED  display systems

Appliances for stand alone, local network and Internet solutions.

About Digital Signage for your business Digital Signage for Service Providers Specialist Displays
EurosignDS CampaignManager Dynascan
Digital Signage for Businesses
EurosignDS is a scalable digital signage solution for your business. Easily create and distribute content to any display on local or remote sites. EurosignDS is available from approved resellers..
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Enterprise DS Software for Service Providers
CampaignManager is a proven enterprise solution for DS Service Providers.
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Specialist Display Techmology
Sunlight Readable LCD and LED Displays
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